All articles posted on JLBlogs are written by myself (Jamey) unless stated otherwise. All opinions are entirely my own. I cannot always guarantee that something that may work for me, will work the same for you (and vice versa). However, I do hope I can help you to become a better consumer when it comes to beauty products on the market today, making it easier to decide which products are worth the money. I am a firm believer in ‘putting my money where my mouth is’ so I purchase a good portion of the products you see gracing my blog. Whether it’s purchased or gifted, my opinion is unbiased and will always be 100% honest.


JL Blogs is a PR Friendly website and I do also accept Guest Blog posts. However, I do only share content that fits the style of my blog. I also have the right NOT to talk about a product if I don’t feel it fits the criteria of JL Blogs or its readers. All items provided by PR companies will be accompanied with an asterisk ( *) symbol next to them. If a blog post is Sponsored I will also note that at the end of the post. I do use some affiliate links. However, I use these as a monetization tool to see the amount of traffic that uses my links through my website. So please don’t feel obligated to use them if you don’t want 🙂 If I have any non-affiliate discount codes that I feel will save you money, then I will happily share them, as I am a big fan of finding bargains. Products highlighted in Red ( for example Dior Foundation) or accompanied by a sign are products by brands that are NOT cruelty-Free. Meaning they either tests on animals or is ‘cruelty-free’ but choose to sell in mainland China (allowing someone else/3rd party to test on their behalf). Find out more about my Cruelty-Free Status here. Throughout my blog and social media I use a few emoji’s to share the brand’s ethics. For instance (🌱) is accompanied next to products that are by Green/Clean/Non-Toxic brands, and the cute (🐰) is used to show that a product or brand is indeed Cruelty-Free.

You May notice a badge like this (↓) to understand how a product is given my Stamp of Approval please read my score system below…

Score System Explained (_/5)

1 – Epic Fail: A product that just didn’t work for me/poor quality/wouldn’t recommend!
2 – Mediocre: Didn’t Love but didn’t hate either/claims not met/would not repurchase!
3 – OK/Average: A passable product/performs as expected/might possibly repurchase!
4 – Really Good: A good effective product/would recommend & repurchase again!
5 – Brilliant!: Must Have/Lives up to the claims/meets all criteria’s –see below↓/Definite Repurchase!


Please note I do not give products a score of 5 lightly! I take into consideration the Performance/Results, Ingredients, Accessibility, Price, Scent, Texture and of course the Brands Ethos and Cruelty-Free Status.


If you would like to utilise any of my images, then please credit back to my blog or any of my social media handles. Thank you.

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